Cahier Rahier

Rahier Patisserie | 1586 Bayview Avenue | 416 482-0917

W–F 8–5, Sa 8–4, Su 8–3

Arrive here a little after 9am on a holiday weekend and expect a lineup out the door at this popular Leaside café. Moms and tots in extra large baby strollers clumsily navigate through poorly planned pedestrian traffic made up of cellophane-wrapped goodies, Beanie Babies and starved patrons waiting on buttery croissants and brioche. The frenzy is calm but calculated as regulars know that baked treats sell out quickly. Even Ladies who lunch felt the pressure to make haste but decided to secure a spot instead of getting caught up in the commotion. Those who are indecisive are often left with cinnamon palmiers, although excellent, cannot compare to the selection of tarts and mouse-filled chocolate ruffled paniers (as I like to call them). Not to worry. Even if the taking is slim this time around, Rahier’s coffee does not disappoint and still makes the visit worthwhile. After letting several people jump cue, Ladies were finally ready to order from the ample selection of sweets remaining.

Ladies discussed matters of the heart and family affairs in relation to a fascinating book Lady V had read titled The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Ladies were trying to determine the signs among people they know that exhibit power as either a unique one-time experience or indicative of character. Ladies contemplated about the seriousness between a person who is troubled and a troubling person over chocolate mouse, apple tart, espresso and coffee during their lunch teaser. (Recently, Lady N read up on Ayurvedic nutrition and learned that consuming sweet before a meal actually helps digestion. Mind you, the article discussed complex carbs only, however, Lady N wasted no time in conducting some necessary field research to draw up her own conclusions.) Ladies were impressed with the overall texture and flavour of their treats. The dark chocolate panier added bitterness to the mousse and the paper-thin sliced apples were sheer delight. Ladies were relieved that their conversation didn’t have to compete with wailing munchkins interested in tipping over discounted mugs and plush toys within the eating vicinity. Don’t get me wrong: Ladies adore children, but also love to hear themselves think. (Lady V would like to be a mother some day, Lady N, aunt to Lady V’s children. Neither Lady is in a rush.)

It’s a good thing the Ladies were too busy enjoying their treats with the cutlery provided since the atmos at Rahier is lacking. Sure, there are all kinds of interesting items within arms reach to buy, like petits fours and Cote D’or chocolates, but there is no place for the eye to rest. Rahier’s interior is a steel blue gray colour and mostly unadorned. Not the kind of environment that encourages an extended stay unless engrossed in the Sunday New York Times. This might explain why the seating is limited inside, and fewer still, outside. Ladies with parched pooches (the other children) will appreciate the water dish found at the entrance allowing mom to grab some soleil. Take out seems to be the norm with people coming back for the quiches and baguettes; Ladies resisted. After all, a lady always knows their limits!


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